Available Consumables and Reagents

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Bioprinting Consumables

Syringes and needle tips for bioprinting

We have syringe barrels, caps, pistons, and nozzle tips of varying gauges and lengths available to purchase. 

Sterile Consumables

Sterile syringes and needle tips for bioprinting

Bioprinting supplies can be provided sterile to mitigate contamination of cell-laden 3D printed constructs. 

Pluronic F-127

5 syringes of Pluronic hydrogel in varying colors (clear, yellow, green, blue, red)

Pluronic is great sacrificial material due to its reverse gelation. It is a gel at room temperature and liquifies at colder temperatures. 

Gelatin Methacryloyl (GelMA)

Gelatin methacryloyl in a weigh boat

GelMA is produced through the modification of gelatin with methacrylic anhydride. The amino groups on gelatin's side chains are replaced with methacryloyl groups. The final product is able to crosslink in the presence of a photoinitiator (LAP) and UV light. 

Gelatin from Porcine Skin (300 gram bloom strength)

gelatin in a weigh boat

Sodium Alginate

sodium alginate (a white powder) in a weigh boat

This substance is a natural polymer derived from algae and is capable of ionic crosslinking in the presence of divalent cations. The most common crosslinking method is submerging in a bath of CaCl2 solution.

Custom Support Parts

custom 3D printed parts to support bioprinting research

Custom ABS, ASA, Polypropylene, Nylon, and Polycaprolactone parts made by the Ultimaker 3D printer.